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  • Xgel solution toothpaste.                           R85
  • Xgel application sponges (30)                     R35
  • Xgel Econo Sponges (4)                               R105
  • Xgel Silicone finger brushes                        R35
  • Xgel Xylitol 500g.                                       R85
  • Xgel Xylitol 2kg                                          R260
  • Starter Pack (6x Sponges(30), Finger brush, Xgel)        R268
  • Gift Hamper (Starter pack + ABC's book).                  R320
  • Xylitol Meringue Kisses Recipe                     Free
  • Xgel Happy Teeth Meringue tubs                 R36
  • Xgel Disclosing tablets (5)                          R35
  •  'ABC's of children's teeth' book                    R115 on promotion
  • GC Tooth Mousse    (SQ)                              R350.00
  • GC MI Paste  (SQ)                                       R380.00

    Quick view products


    Xgel picXgel Solution (toothpaste)

    Use to clean gums and teeth and reduce the build-up of harmful biofilm. Xgel has been formulated to give the minimum daily amount of Xylitol required for dental benefits. Xgel also contains calcium and phosphate to promote healthy teeth and gums. Unlike toothpaste Xgel is safe to swallow - no need to rinse. Contains no fluoride, detergents, grit, colourants and preservatives.

    Tastes great and encourages good oral hygiene practices.



    Sponges picXgel Sponges

    The problem: milk residue left in the mouth after each feed, provides a perfect medium for mouth bacteria and fungi to grow. An Xgel sponge, moistened with cool, boiled water and/or Xgel, allows mom to clean baby’s mouth and gums.




    Figer brush picture

     Xgel Finger Brush

    Xgel Finger brush is a high quality,
    soft silicone finger toothbrush for
    cleaning and applying Xgel solution.





    Xylitol tub

     Birch Xylitol Granules (500g)

     Xylitol is a true sugar replacer. Use Xylitol to sweeten beverages or sprinkle on fruit or cereal and in cooking (can’t be used in yeast-based baking nor does it brown like sugar). 

    Teethforlife’s Xylitol is sourced from only the finest Birch trees where sustainable forestry and fair labour are practiced. Produced to the stringent EU manufacturing and quality standards assures you of a consistent premier quality Xylitol. 

                    R110  R398 (2kg) R498 (2,5kg)

    Disclosing tablets Disclosing tablets

    Makes plaque visible. Used as a training aid to show where the plaque collects.





    Xgel Starter Starter pack.

    Contains everything new parents will need for the oral healthcare of their baby from birth to 9 months.


    Gift Pack R320 (Starter pack + ABC's book)


    Cocoa Meringues     Happy teeth Coco

        Xylitol meringue tubs

    Ideal for boosting mouth xylitol after meals or snacks. Serves as a healthy treat replacement for sweets.


    Try our delicious Xylitol Meringue Kisses (download recipe).

        GC Toothmousse

    GC ToothmousseGC MI Paste

    Provides the building blocks for remineralizing damaged enamel and helps reduce plaque attachment. Complements the use of Xgel for the repairing of damaged enamel.

    GC MI Paste is Toothmoussse with 900ppm Sodium Fluoride. Suitable for those over the age of 12 and wanting additional benefits which fluoride might offer them.




    ABC's book ABC's of children's teeth.

    A is for 'acid' the cause of enamel break down. B is for 'bacteria' which is responsible for the formation of plaque acids. C is for 'cavities' the result of plaque acids...The book provides all the prevenative information you need to be able to raise children 'cavity free'.

    R115 on promotion

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