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Teeth for Life

Preventative dental care for children

Xgel Starter and Gift Packs:

The Stater Pack contains everthing a parent will need for the oral care of their baby from birth to 9 months. The pack cotains 6 packets of sponges (32 sponges per pack), a silicone Finger brush and a bottle of Xgel Solution. Use to clean baby's mouth from day one. Dip in cooled boiled water, fold around finger and gently sqeeze out excess water. Apply a drop of Xgel Solution and message the gums gently. Clean after the main feed of the day. Once the teeth start erupting the Silicone Finger brush replaces the sponges. This brush is very soft and can be inserted into the baby's mouth without them having to be able to open their mouth and you are able to feel your way around their mouth. When the baby starts to bite on the finger brush the Xgel Teetherbrush can be used instead.

The Gift Pack includes a copy of 'The ABC of Chlidren's teeth - A 21st Century guide for parents' by Dr. Angela  Gilhespie.


Starter Pack

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