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Birch XylitolXylitol tub

Teethforlife’s Xylitol is sourced from only the finest Birch trees where sustainable forestry and fair labour are practiced. Produced to the stringent EU manufacturing and quality standards assures you of a consistent premier quality Xylitol

Xylitol 500g tubs.

Use spoon-for-spoon like sugar in tea, coffe, cocoa beverages etc. Sprinkle over cereal and can be used in non-yeast baking.

For meringue recipe visit 'Downloads' on this site www.teethforlife.co.za/downloads).


Suitable for diabetics, ADD and ADHD, slimmers (40% less calories than sucrose) and the health-conscious.


Xylitol: the sweet truth.


Xylitol is a neutraceutical which allows us to indulge a sweet tooth while benefiting our health.

   Here’s why 

·         Very low GI . Xylitol has a glycemic index of 13 (glucose has a GI of 100; sucrose 68). Consequently it does not give the sugar ‘highs’ & ‘lows’. This makes it ideal for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, ADD and ADHD.

  •        40% less calories than sucrose (sugar). Ideal for slimmers ( 1 teaspoon has 9.6 Kilocalories, or 40 kJoules).

  •         Xylitol is a natural sugar found in many fruits & vegetables (yellow plums, berries, lettuce, mushrooms, et

  •         Xylitol is part of our body chemistry. We produce 5-15g per/day of Xylitol in our metabolic pathways (in the liver).

  •          Profound dental benefits. Tooth decay-causing bacteria are unable to break down Xylitol. They fail to form acid-producing plaque, the precursor to cavities.

  •          Multiple intakes:  Research has shown the benefits of Xylitol when given in small amounts (1-2gm), often (3-5 X per day), long-term. Optimal dental benefits are 10gms (2 teaspoons) daily. At these low levels no gastro-intestinal problems occur.



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