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Interesting info

Hello Dr Gilhespie

I so enjoyed your talk yesterday at the Baby Talk Show. I will be making some changes to my children’s lives, and I have you to thank for it. Ignorance is not bliss, and thank you for this fantastic information which I will be sure to pass onto the new and old moms that I come across every day. I am very interested in ordering some Tooth Mousse for the whole family. Will check-out your website. Dr B. Palmer has done some brilliant work investigating snoring and sleep apnoea and SIDS and their link to artificial teats. Just another reason to try and avoid bottles where possible. Here is the web site: http://www.brianpalmerdds.com

Knowledge is power.

Best wishes

Carol Breastfeeding Consultant

Fantastic info

Dear Angela

I am a child birth companion (doula) and unfortunately I had to miss your presentation at the Road Show on Saturday in Cape Town as I had to do a presentation at a Pregnancy Day at our local medi-clinic, BUT, my best friend attended, took detailed notes and came home so excited to share the new information with me.   She spent about an hour or more today to convey to me what she learned! What she told me has really excited me too - I am a mom of 5 children, aged 10 down to 2 years. Well, I am going to read your book and have already been on your website and other sites, reading up about Xylitol (chewing as I write) and the research done on it and Tooth Mousse.   Tonight we used GUM to check the plaque on our teeth and then did a team brush and floss session. I spotted some caries that need attention in my one child's mouth too - she's been complaining of pain for a few days, so I will act on it NOW!   I think your preventative attitude is absolutely admirable and I intend to share what I have learned with other moms via my preschool parents e-newsletter that goes to over 5000 parents around the world. I'll send them to your website too.   The world needs more professionals that are not just interested in making a quick buck, but actually interested in educating, helping and sharing accurate evidence-based info with people out there.

I just had to share my excitement at the newfound info with you! Thank you for sharing.


Shirley in Hermanus




Life Changing lecture:

Hi Dr Angela,

I was one of the ladies who attended your lecture at the roadshow in Cape Town on saturday 9 May.   I just wanted to tell you that I had a fantastic time listening to what you had to say. More than that, I have taken everything to heart! I have bought the disclosing tablets, the gum and the oral-B toothbrushes. I lectured my husband and 4 of my 5 children (my eldest daughter is at University and hasn't been home since we heard you - but she'll get the "talk" too!) We have changed our sinful ways of juicing and sweeting at any time (we didn't actually do it very much - I have very "deprived" kids) and we only have them after supper now. I showed my girls (6 and 7 yrs) the photos of teeth in water and teeth in juice and they don't want to drink ANY juice at all now. We are all chewing gum like cows chewing the cud - looks hilarious! And we are trusting to have better teeth. (My second son is the only child - from 6 - 19 - who has a filling and his is a pinprick according to our dentist). We are brushing all the pinkness off and making sure we don't have anything bad!   So we have truly changed our ways, and although we are doing things radically now and I don't anticipate us all chewing gum so excessively forever, I am grateful that your lecture impacted me, and I impacted the kids, because we have created an awareness which I believe will be life long - and I believe that therein lies the success of dental health.   I lectured my friend, Shirley as well, and she has also changed her sinful ways. She also has 5 kids. It was her birthday tea on Monday and I told her about your lecture (well I lectured her) and at first all the mums came into the kitchen to hear, but after a while they left and we thought they weren't interested, but one by one they came back and asked me what do I think they should do about X, Y and Z. So actually they were all impacted too. I would love to get a group of young mums together to teach them about this.   You did mention a course that was available - could I have more details about it please.   We are really grateful that you have educated us in this regard. In turn we will also educate the mums of young kids around us. We are doulas and have access to lots of mums with young children.   We would love to order some tooth mousse. Could we please have exact prices and bank account details so that we can pay you electronically. Does Tooth mousse have an expiry date? I may need to order some and keep it here in case other mums would like some - would I be allowed to do that?   It was really wonderful listening to you. It is VERY inspiring hearing someone who is really passionate about what they do. My friend Shirley and I are doulas and we are also passionate about what we do, so we really appreciate that.

looking forward to hearing from you



Thank you

Thank you so much for introducing your prevention of tooth decay in the “Baby Talk” forum on Friday in Durban.  I found you to be so interesting and could not think of much else this weekend. I have given your book to a mum already and she is as absorbed.  I will tell as many parents and people as I can about your subject.  Well done !  your fear will bring many healthy children up in the future.

Kind regards,

Ginny .

Doula from Pmb.

Hi there

We met at the Port Elizabeth roadshow on Friday. Thank you for a wonderful talk. It will surely be used in all our practices but more importantly also in our homes! I have mentioned to you that I have monthly newsletters that go out to about 150 parents. Would you please send me any info or paragraph that explains in a nutshell what we as parents do wrong or how we should view healthy teeth in our children. I will put you details and website on aswell so that parents will go directly go there and also buy your book!   Just one question. You have mentioned Xylitol and the importance of it. I have also heard alot of controversy about it, that is no so good and should be used with caution. What is you view on it?

Anyway, thanks again.



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