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Preventative dental care for children.

Right from the start

Cleaning the mouth from birth.

Sponge  cleaning Cleaning your baby's mouth is essential for good oral health. Milk and food debris provide an ideal culture for fungal and bacterial growth. Moping this up daily with a Xgel sponges removes this debris which can often also be a source of unpleaseant mouth odours. The drop of Xgel Solution applied to the sponge has a sweet pleasant taste encouraging cleaning and providing anti thrush properties.

Time to introduce the finger brush.

Finger brushAt about six months or when baby has a couple of teeth we can start to introduce brushing. This is best done with a soft and gentle Xgel finger brush. Gently lifting the gum and feeling your way around gently brush over the teeth and gums. Continue with this but if baby starts to bite your finger it's time to move on.

We can now move to a regular childs tooth brush.

On lap brushingWhen your toddler is able to open their mouths they should be able to cope with a regular tooth brush. At this stage you can place them back on your lap and effectively brush in a controlled manor for them. A hand held mirror in your left hand so they can watch what is happening can help them cope. You can turn this into a positive and fun time chasing 'Gerry the germ' etc.  Xgel is safe and beneficial to swallow and reduces the dependency on mechanical agitation only to remove stubborn plaque biofilm from the teeth, you brush as best you are able and the Xgel will do the rest.


dummyFor additional benefits try and apply Xgel frequently. a drop of Xgel on a dummy or clean finger frequently through the day increases its preventative properties for oral thrush, teething discomforts, middle ear infections and tooth decay. Remember Xgel works best in small amounts applied frequently for additional benefits.

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